"How to get rid of Acne"

How does it feel when all of a sudden a pimple pops out of nowhere? It seems to ruin your day, and especially when you are planning to get ready for your big day in the life.
Actually, acne is a common skin problem, which is estimated to affect everyone at some point of time in their lives. The number of sufferers of acne is really huge.

Provided its symptoms, they are easy to be recognized which appear as small tiny bumps on both of your cheeks. Sometimes, they are prevalent above the knees and on the upper arms in clusters. Symptoms like pesky pimples with white heads containing pus is frustrating and tough to go off easily.

There are so many methods to get rid of the effects of the pimples or acnes.  The more common is the conventional approaches, which bring adverse side effects with it including skin irritations and dryness. Hence, people are looking for some ways which do not cause any irritation and side-effects. The natural methods are useful in treating acnes and pimples, but you should use a few handfuls of methods which retained scientific validations.

Tea Tree Oil
The natural ingredients extracted from the tea tree oil prove effective in relieving acne or pimple problem instantly. The leaves from the tree Melaleuca Alternifolia, found mostly in Australia contain medicinal properties to combat acne bacteria and reduce inflammation. Two types of pimple bacteria, such as S. epidermidis and P. acnes are at the root of causing acne, which can be easily inhibited by this tea tree oil.

Reports suggest that a medication infused with 5% of tea tree oil is as effective as four times for preventing acne lesions.

The application of tea tree oil extracted component does not advocate for any side effects such as irritation and dryness.
Get a cotton swab dipped in tea tree oil dissolved in ten parts of water and apply it onto your affected areas. Apply this at least twice per day.

Aloe Vera
This tropical plant does not need much description for its medicinal properties and benefits. It is a rich source of clear and natural gel.
Cut open its thick leaves, they ooze out gel. Apply this gel onto your skin. It fights bacteria to cut on inflammation. It is effective in healing wounds as well. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is widely used to treat a range of conditions like cuts, burns, psoriasis, and rashes.
For effective results, you can apply its gel twice a day. If you cannot find any plant near you, you can find many products with aloe vera.

Green Tea
Since green tea is popular amongst the consumers for containing a wide array of natural ingredients effective for your health, it is useful for acne too. It contains flavanoids and tannis, which are popular to reduce inflammation and the attacks of bacteria.
Prepare a solution with green tea in it and boil for a few minutes. Apply the solutions onto your skin with a cotton swab, leave it overnight. Wash it next day. Use the method twice a day.
You can try them as they are supported by science to reduce your acne complications.