"Life in the army"

A soldier's daily life is very much the same like that of a common man at present. There is option to eat the same food that you normally eat in your daily life.  

Eating, Sleeping, and Shopping
You'll sleep in a regular bed. You can maintain and live your daily life pretty much as you do now as you'll shop, worship every day as you please. You have options to grow pets with even vets available to take care of your pets. Also there are chapels and religious buildings, grocery stores, dry cleaners, etc. so as to lead a normal life day to day.  

See, one advantage of Army daily life versus civilian life is the community that forms around your everyday life. Army families and communities are very supportive, united and extensive which might surprise you to learn. The network of families who have undergone exactly the same thing is encouraged by military life to support one another and this is one of the most valuable assets a family can have when adjusting to change. If you need assistance with your daily life in the Army, as a matter of fact, friends are easy to make in the military community, and an experienced family member, who was once new just like you, is always available to show you the ropes.

Army Housing
Your home is the centre of your family and arguably the most important influence on how you embrace your new life. The Army tries to provide you with military housing to make you as comfortable as possible, whether you choose to live on the installation in military housing or off Post. Concerning the construction and renovation of its Army housing, the Army solicited and then incorporated the ideas of soldiers and their families. More closet space, ceiling fans, yard space and larger living areas are some of the suggestions raised and adopted. Refrigerator and stove, and many come with a dishwasher, separate laundry room and garage etc. are all included in housing units. Housing is provided with sidewalks and plenty of street lights for the safety of all the residents. Some housing areas also include playgrounds for younger children and outdoor basketball courts. The Army also has a pet-housing policy as your family in most cases doesn't always have members with just two legs though. Fido or Mittens are allowed to be kept provided you live off Post. Army regulations state that while pets outside of goldfish or small rodents aren't allowed in the barracks, soldiers who live in off-base housing can have whatever pets their leases permit. 

Personal Finances
 Standard paycheck, called Basic Pay, there are other additional forms of pay and allowance a Soldier may receive for things such as basic subsistence, housing and even clothing.

Full-service banks or credit unions that offer checking accounts, loans and other banking services are found on almost every Army installation. While they are not Army banks, they have the Army's okay to set up a branch on the Post. You are under no obligation to use these banks; they are there for your convenience. But there are advantages, from low-fee ATMs and reasonable auto-loan financing to being a customer of the on-Post bank or credit union. 

Financial Readiness
For some people, the Army is the first time they've ever had to manage the finances of a household or even deal with a credit card. Army Community Services Financial Readiness program offers classes and counselling on money management which may not directly apply to you, but believing that you can never know too much about handling your own finances. Also, they deal in credit, financial planning, insurance and consumer issues. 

Army Shopping

The commissary is the Army's grocery store, and it offers a great way to stretch the family dollar. The commissary provides high-quality groceries at low prices. On larger Posts, it is about equal in size to just about anything you might find in the civilian community. In the commissary, you will still see a lot of the products and brands you are used to seeing in any local supermarket, while in small or remote areas and overseas, it tends to stock just the basic necessities. 

Army and Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES)
The AAFES is the Army's retail-store system. In fact, it's really just a fancy way to say "shopping centre," with all the kind of businesses you'll find in any strip mall or small-town square anywhere in the country. A variety of barber and beauty shops, flower shops, gas stations, laundry and dry-cleaning stores, tailors, movie theatres and fast-food restaurants are seen besides the main store for the convenience of the army people. Other AAFES facilities you might find on Post include on most Posts, you will find a clothing store that sells official military clothing to soldiers. Other stores like a sunglass kiosk or cellular phone store, could be available in the exchange facility. Many exchanges also have outside concessions or vendors who are allowed to display and sell their wares.