"What causes a migraine"

An average of 30 million people in the U.S has migraine. And women seem to be more 
at risks to develop this condition as opposed to their male counterparts.

Migraines are acute, recurring and pulsating headaches, often occurred on one side of the head. There are other symptoms coupled with sensory warning signs, which raise your risk to develop this condition.

When you have the attacks of pulsating headaches, they are likely to stay for hours and even a day. Before you feel the onset of this condition, you have an aura of sensory nerve disturbances, and then you feel the real pain of migraines. People aged between 15-55 years of age are more likely to develop this condition.

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How To Identify The Onset Of Migraines
Although the exact etiology of migraine is still unclear, the suspected reason could be an abnormal activity in the brain. An interference with the brain’s activity could impact a series of activities between the nerve and chemical responses important for the communication development in the brain. However, there are certain reasons which cause migraines.

Most sufferers of migraine feel the sensation of aura. Auras are typically some visuals involving different shapes and patterns like spots, flickering lights, or lines. Sometimes, you may see jagged lines which move in a curved direction.

The effect of an aura is likely to last from five minutes to an hour. And there is a 60 minute interval before it actually happens.
There are some people who experience auras, but do not experience any headaches.

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Different Exposure Of Emotional Expression
Many a time, migraine arrives due to the mood changes. Some patients feel down with no certain reasons. Sometimes, the prevalence of depression can be the sole reason to cause you migraines.

As per the reports of the American Academy of Neurology, the level of depression can cause episodic migraines, which can become chronic later.

Cravings For Food
A craving for certain foods can up the likelihood of migraine. Most patients have a craving for chocolates.

Sleep Deprivation
Having issues with falling asleep or not getting full sleep can increase the risk of migraine. A lack of restorative sleep can be the sole reason for intense migraines.

Hormonal Changes
Most women may feel the onset of migraines during menstruation since it causes hormonal changes.     

Physical Stress
There are several physical conditions which trigger migraines. Most prevalent is tiredness, tension in shoulder or neck, poor posture and also blood sugar and jet lag.

Some medications are supposed to cause you migraine as their side-effects. Hormone replacement therapies, sleeping pills, including contraceptive pills are associated to increase the risk of migraines.

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Caffeinated foods and alcohol can contribute to the development of migraine. There are some foods like cheese, citrus fruits, and foods with addictive tyramine can result in migraine. In addition to this, dehydration is the key factor to cause this condition.

Trouble Speaking
Sometimes, speech difficulties can invite the risk of migraine. Many people feel the difficulty before they feel this condition.

The prolonged condition of migraine can be debilitating for you. See a doctor immediately.