"What causes ovarian cancer"

Ovarian cancer means any type of cancerous growth that happens in the ovary.

In women, it is one of the most common causes of cancer demises.  

Also, amidst all the gynecologic cancers—those which affect the uterus, cervix, and ovaries, ovarian cancer cause the maximum number of deaths.

Some Facts about Ovarian Cancer:

•    Some chief factors which can lead to ovarian cancer are family lineage, old age, poor reproduction history, and fat/obesity.  

•    Treatment options for ovarian cancers are surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.

•    If found out in the early stages, there are 94 percent chance of living for minimum 5 more years.

Ovarian cancer is a special type of cancer which develops in ovaries. Cancer begins when genes which regulate cell growth changes. As a result, cells start growing at an abnormal rate. 

It is because of that abnormal cell growth which triggers the formation of the tumor. When not treated timely, cancer cells can reach to other parts of the body as well. Ovarian cancer is so rapid and dangerous that it can spread outside the walls of your ovaries and to the entire reproductive organs. 

As per the reports of American Cancer Society (ACS), an average woman’s lifetime has 2% chances of developing ovarian cancer. 

Even in more than one factors of ovarian cancer, it is not necessary that you will develop the disease. On the other hand, you can develop ovarian cancer even if you do not have any of the risk factors.

Factors Affecting Ovarian Cancer:

History of the Family
If any close relatives have had breast cancer or any type of cancer, then there are higher chances of developing ovarian cancer.

Genetic screening can help in figuring out if someone carries those genes that which are linked to this type of risk.

In most of the cases, ovarian cancer may happen after menopause. When an aged for more than 65 years, there can be chances of developing this disease. It is very to develop that before the age of 40 years.

Reproductive history
Women who experience full-term pregnancies, before the age of 26 years, owns lower risks of ovarian cancer. A number of pregnancies lowers the chances of ovarian cancer.Breastfeeding is also a factor which decreases the chances of ovarian cancer. 

Birth control
The use of contraceptive pills happens to reduce the risk. 

Breast cancer
Women with the diagnosis of breast cancer have a higher chance of having ovarian cancer.

Obesity and overweight
Overweight stretches the chances of developing many types of cancers. 

Gynecologic surgery
Surgery of reproductive organs happens to lower the chances of ovarian cancer. 

Mainly, there are more around 30 types of ovarian cancer, which depend on the type of cell, from which they can start. 

Three main categories of ovarian cancer are:

Epithelial tumors: Growth in the cells lining on the surface of the ovary causes this type of cancer. They are the most common yet the most dangerous.

Germ cell tumors: This type of tumor happens in the reproduction eggs. 

Primary peritoneal carcinoma: This is very similar to epithelial ovarian cancer, but remains least affected by the removal of the ovaries.